Bobby Portis: ‘I’m Playing for the Entire State of Arkansas’

"When I step on the basketball court, I know I'm not playing for myself and just not my family. I'm playing for the entire state of Arkansas." - Bobby Portis

Bobby grew up in Little Rock in the 1990s, when it was one of the most dangerous cities in the country. He saw his mother, Tina Edwards, work tirelessly as a truck driver to take care of him and his three brothers, through family hardships and evictions. But with a goal-oriented mindset at a young age, Bobby was able to bring his basketball dreams to life and become a hero back home. Now, with support from Little Rock’s mayor, Frank Scott Jr., he's launched a foundation aiding single moms and will aim to put his hometown on the global map with the New York Knicks.

Get CloseUp to Bobby's story for the first time in our mini-documentary.