Bizzy Bones Hyland—Hooper, Rapper, Survivor—Ready for His Big Moment On and Off The Court

As a standout junior at St. Georges Technical High School in Delaware—which has its boys’ basketball home opener on Tuesday night—Bizzy Bones Hyland faced a life-altering moment when he jumped from the second floor to survive a house fire, which tragically claimed the lives of two family members.

This pivotal event not only fueled Bones' comeback on the basketball court, but also inspired him to channel his experiences into becoming a hip-hop lyricist. From overcoming economic hardships and friends being murdered from gang violence in his hometown of Wilmington, to the incident that changed his life forever, he found resilience and strength at St. Georges.

Now, at 23, playing for the Los Angeles Clippers, Bones’ electric personality and creative talents have garnered a passionate fanbase, making him poised to become a global household name. CloseUp360 captured his story.