Dwyane Wade’s Trainers Reflect on Miami Heat Legend’s Impact

An NBA career as prolific as Dwyane Wade’s takes more than one man’s diligent work. In the case of the Miami Heat legend and future Hall of Famer, 16 seasons filled with three championships, eight All-NBA selections and 13 All-Star Games have come with the support of an entire team of his own—including fitness trainer David Alexander and skills trainer Stanley Remy.

To commemorate the final steps of Dwyane’s #OneLastDance campaign, CloseUp360 asked David and Stanley three questions—a nod to “Father Prime’s” jersey number—for their reflections on their client and friend.

David Alexander Dwyane Wade

David Alexander does strength and conditioning work with Dwyane and other stars, including C.J. McCollum, Victor Oladipo and John Wall. (Courtesy of David Alexander)

CloseUp360: What is your favorite off-the-court moment with Dwyane?

David Alexander: Man, it’s almost impossible to pick one. Having been his trainer for the last five years, we’ve created some incredible memories. But if I had to pick one, I’d probably say when him and I went to Game 4 of the 2017 Finals for the Cavs vs. the Warriors, and then the next day flew to Chicago to play golf. We had so many incredible conversations about life on those flights and on the course that I realize the relationship is so much bigger than a trainer and a client, but this guy was literally my brother.

Stanley Remy: We’ve had plenty of amazing moments, on and off the court. Before games in Chicago, I'm out there training him—literally on the court. And that’s unusual to have outside people who aren’t staff to be on the court before the game. We had amazing conversations riding to the game in his big truck back in Chicago. I also thought it was pretty amazing that he brought me on the first private plane that I've ever been on.

Dwyane Wade Stanley Remy Victor Oladipo

Stanley Remy (center) works with Dwyane, his son, Zaire, Victor Oladipo (right) and dozens of other NBA players. (Courtesy of Stanley Remy)

CU360: What is something about him that people may not know?

DA: Just how incredibly generous this guy is. I mean, he would literally give the shirt off his back to someone he cares about. He doesn’t have a selfish bone in his body, and sometimes I don’t think people see how loyal this guy is to the people he cares about.

SR: I don’t think people know how involved he is in his kids' lives. He’s an amazing dad. Being such a huge superstar, you can easily get lost in the shuffle, but he doesn’t. Very good parent!!

David Alexander Dwyane Wade

David guides Dwyane through a stretching exercise. (Courtesy of David Alexander)

CU360: How has he impacted your career?

DA: He’s definitely been one of my biggest supporters. And I think how we resurrected his career in 2014 when people were saying he was done was a pivotal point in my own personal career, as people saw the success we had with him. At that point, people really started taking notice to how I train.

SR: D-Wade has really put the stamp on my career. I’ve trained a lot of players before D-Wade, but training someone of his magnitude really shows I’ve arrived in a major way. He’s a future Hall of Famer—doesn’t get any bigger than that. He’s also helped mentor me about major decisions I’ve made in my career. He’s seen everything you can possibly see in the basketball world, so having him on my side is a game-changer.


Josh Martin is the Editorial Director of CloseUp360. He previously covered the NBA for Bleacher Report and USA Today Sports Media Group, and has written for Yahoo! Sports and Complex. He is also the co-host of the Hollywood Hoops podcast. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.