Thunder’s Andre Roberson Helps to Keep OKC Family Together

Andre Roberson has been sidelined by complications arising from knee surgery throughout the season. Yet, the Oklahoma City Thunder’s defensive stalwart has found ways to contribute and be a leader off the court.

After a recent holiday shopping spree with the Thunder organization, Andre connected with a grandmother on a mission to adopt her grandchildren. She was struggling with the adoption process due to the hefty fees.

“I was just touched by the little kids and her family,” Andre said in a video posted to OKC’s Twitter account. “I caught wind that she has been trying to adopt them for a while, but she needed a little assistance. So I wanted to do something special for them.”

The grandmother and children were invited to a Thunder game, where Andre presented her with the $7,500 she needed to complete the adoption and take in her grandchildren.

Whenever Andre returns to action (he’s expected to be back this season), he’ll do so with another handful of fervent fans, in a family he helped keep together during the holidays and beyond.


Olivier Auguste is an NBA lifestyle writer based in New York City. Follow him on Twitter.